It is always difficult for artists and performers to find a way in the highly competitive entertainment market, especially internationally. The Secret Door was therefore created to facilitate bookings for talented performers and DJs who have decided that they wish to move forward onto the world stage while maintaining their UK presence and fan base.

Since we only work with the most talented and professional performers, most of them with more than 10 years experience, The Secret Door ensures that only the most brilliant and creative acts are added to our roster. For our clients seeking to book talent for their events or clubs, it's an assurance that only exceptional performances are available through our agency.

The Secret Door is not a directory or on-line listing service. Our talent roster is comprised of dedicated musicians and DJs who live and breathe music and always deliver exceptional performances. The Secret Door was founded as it is passionate about music and giving performers an opportunity to move forward in their career with an agency that not only represent them, but also take a real interest in their aspirations. Equally, all of the artists on our roster have chosen to work with us, as they share our enthusiasm and love for music.

We are also principally passionate about promoting our amazing roster of exceptional DJs. We believe that great DJs are indispensable promoters of exceptional music and an asset to any club night. The Club DJ is a bona fide way to discover great music on the dance floor.

"There is no way that we could find all the great music within our favourite genre, so we rely on the DJs to do it for us. They are like personal shoppers who sift through the hundreds of records and find the ones we like."

Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton

"When words fail, Music speaks"

H.C. Anderson